Friday, August 6, 2010

Hollywood Hot Rods

We had a fairly slow day today, as I've just been hit with a cold that I probably caught on the flight over. Kate and I ended up sleeping in until almost midday and when we did get moving, we made plans to get to Burbank and visit a couple of shops, including Troy Ladd's Hollywood Hot Rods.

In the end, we got to Hollywood Hot Rods, got a tour of the workshop and a bit of a history lesson on the shop. We managed to meet Troy and to get a look at the Raybestos giveaway car that they're building.

After we left Hollywood Hot Rods, we took a little walk up to zpizza for lunch and decided to call it a day, as I was in no condition to be driving by that stage. Kate got to drive the big Caddy back to the hotel through about 20 miles of classic Los Angeles traffic.

(I'll put a couple of photos up when I'm feeling a little better)

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