Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sacramento Day Trip

Today we took a day trip to Sacramento. Sacramento is the capital city of California, and around 2 hours drive from San Jose.

The girls at Fremont coffee hut Your Coffee Cups

Our initial plan was to drive up in the morning, taking a small detour to check out a bikini barista stand in Warm Springs, spend most of the day in Sacramento and drive back in the early evening, stopping at Sonic Drive-In in Fremont on the way back for dinner. We almost kept to that schedule too, with a few small issues along the way.

Your Coffee Cups, in Fremont, California

The battery in the Cadillac let us down for the third time in the 4500 miles we've done in the last 4 and a half weeks, and we decided to replace it on the way to Sacramento, which we did outside an Autozone near Warm Springs, while sipping tasty beverages from the Your Coffee Cups coffee stands at the corner of Mission Boulevarde and Warm Springs Boulevarde. Your Coffee Cups is staffed by young female uni students in bikini's, who, asides from a $9 an hour retainer, work primarily for tips. They're also not bad at making coffee, and the owner reportedly has plans to open up more of these bikini coffee huts around the Bay Area.

A board track racer style bike for sale at SoCal

Once we'd added a lunch break into the mix, we'd managed to add almost 2 hours to our original plan of a 2 hour drive from San Jose to Sacramento, but we did eventually pull up out the front of SoCal Speed Shop's Sacramento store around 2pm. We headed inside and did a little shopping, coming out with yet more shirts, stickers and badges, and even some car parts too. Being very early in the project at the moment, it was hard for me to find anything to suit my 37 Chevrolet pickup, but I did end up buying some air cleaners to suit the small Holley carburettors often used on flathead motors. I'm currently fairly well set on using a flathead in this build, and would like to attempt to get it working with triple carbs, so I bought 3 air cleaners for the job.

The California State Capitol as seen from the street

After leaving SoCal, we headed to the California State Capitol building in downtown Sacramento, and took a look around some of the historic office exhibits. We also managed to find some maps in the gift shop showing the states of California and Nevada on the same map, and actually showing almost all the locations we've visited over the last couple of weeks.

Just one of the cars on display at Sacramento Vintage Ford

We then headed a little further out of town, to Sacramento Vintage Ford. Friends who had been here before had insisted this shop was a must visit while in Northern California, and they weren't wrong. The showroom here is huge, with several show quality cars on display, a huge gift store, a parts store and call centre and even a diner inside the showroom. Once again, shirts and stickers were a large part of the haul from Sacramento Vintage Ford and once we were finished up here, we headed for our final Sacramento stop.

Another of the display cars at Sacramento Vintage Ford

Our last stop in Sacramento was a visit to the local outlet stores, where we visited the third Converse outlet store we've been to so far on the trip. These are my personal favourite when it comes to outlet stores, as they always have a different selection of very cheap shoes on the back wall, so that's where I head as soon as we come across one. This particular Converse store didn't disapppoint, with the three of us all walking out with a pair of shoes in hand.

The Cadillac at Sonic Drive-In

We then headed for home, but with one more stop programmed in the GPS. I'd heard of Sonic Drive-In before, and in particular was keen to see their carhop service in action. Unfortunately, we pulled into the lot about 5 minutes too late to actually be able to partake of the carhop service, which involves ordering into one of the microphones placed next to each of the parking bays in the Sonic lot, and the server bringing your food out to you when they collect your payment. As it was, we had to be content with ordering and picking up our food through the drive through window and then parking in a bay to eat it, before making the final half hour drive back to San Jose.

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