Friday, April 30, 2010

Three Months and Counting

Not quite the Bellagio and not quite Las Vegas.  Photo taken in San Francisco last time we were in the US.With three months to go until we fly out on The Bonneville Run, now is the time when we wanted to be making sure most of our bigger accomodation expenses were booked. With that in mind, last night we booked a room at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas for 2 nights of the trip. The Lakeview Deluxe room we booked would normally have cost us US$200 a night plus taxes and resort fees, but we managed to find a promotional code with a tiered discount on offer depending on how far in advance you were booking, which in our case gave us 25% off the room rate, saving us US$50 per night.

Our remaining multi-night bookings are now Los Angeles at the start of the trip and Behind the wheel of the Caddy, on the Interstate.  Photo taken on the way to San Francisco last time we were in the US.Bakersfield the weekend after we leave West Wendover. I would also like to book our room at the Grand Canyon sooner, rather than later, as there are a limited number of rooms there, in fact, it looks like we missed out on my preferred room before we'd even decided we wanted to stay there.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100 Days

Today marks 100 days until we fly out from Perth International Airport, to begin 'The Bonneville Run', including our trip to the Southern California Timing Association's Bonneville Speed Week 2010.

We still have to book our accommodation in Las Vegas and for a fair bit of the rest of the trip, but we're getting more and more things planned out every day. We now have a fairly good idea of the places we want to visit in Los Angeles and are working out the best way to make that happen without going crazy in traffic. We have chosen, but not yet booked, our accommodation in Las Vegas, and that will be coming soon.

Our current plan is to spend 2 nights in Las Vegas checking out the night life and the lights of the Strip. When we leave Las Vegas, we're heading to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is a slightly less popular spot with the tourists than the South Rim and consequently has less options for accommodation, so we're going to have to book that pretty soon also. I'll post up more information about where we're staying in Las Vegas and elsewhere on the trip as we book it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yet Another Update

Well, it's been almost two weeks since the last post, and we haven't too many more plans for "The Bonneville Run" yet, but we're also almost at the point where we could sort the rest out once we land. At the moment, there are three of us going on "The Bonneville Run", and at least 8 other West Australian's that are heading to the United States at the same time. We'll be catching up with some of these guys and girls in Los Angeles, and all of them at Bonneville.

Another wigwam hotel in San Bernardino

Kate and I have decided that we would like to spend at least one night in a "Wigwam Motel", and the one major thing we've done since the last update on "The Bonneville Run" is to book a room at one of these historic motels. The Wigwam Motels are part of a chain of motels that used to be spread out along the length of the historic Route 66. These days, only 3 Wigwam Motels remain, and only one of these is anywhere near where we'll be on this trip. Wigwam Motel number 7 is located in San Bernardino, on the eastern outskirts of Los Angeles, and it will be our accommodation on our last night in LA, as it will also allow us to travel outside of peak traffic times. If you're interested in staying a night at Wigwam Motel number 7, in San Bernardino, then check out their website and don't forget the discount code on their rates and reservations page.