Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to "The Bonneville Run"

The Bonneville Run is a trip being planned for August 2010. The basic aim of this trip is to fly in to San Jose and embark upon a road trip that travels a number of US states and places us at the Bonneville Salt Flats for SpeedWeek 2010.

Bridge at Alum Rock Park

Along the way, we intend visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Death Valley and the Hoover Dam, as well as stopping in to a number of speed shops along the way.

Also, we had a good time at John's Char Burger in Livermore last year, so will head out there again on a Friday night, probably coinciding with the GoodGuys Pleasanton show.

Winston's Hot Rod at John's Char Burger

Further details will be added shortly, so please keep checking back for more info, and if you want to be involved, more information on that will be coming soon too...

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