Thursday, March 18, 2010

We Know Where We Are Staying

OK, so the title is a little extreme, we know where we're staying in Bonneville, we're still working out the rest of the trip. Yesterday morning I got a tip from a mate that The Red Garter hotel and casino in West Wendover had a very limited number of rooms remaining for SpeedWeek 2010. They're also the casino in West Wendover that does not have an online booking system, perhaps the two are related, perhaps not.


After a short phone call this morning, complete with the standard accent issues that come up whenever I'm on the phone to the US, I managed to secure a single queen bed room for the nights we're in town, and immediately tipped off Darrell, who is travelling with us, and within about five minutes, he'd also booked a room at The Red Garter.

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