Monday, August 23, 2010

ANRA Summer Nationals Race Day

Today was Race Day at the ANRA Summer Nationals, at Famoso Raceway, near Bakersfield, California. We got out to the track about 10am (racing started at 8am) and watched some pretty cool racing for a couple of hours before heading back to Bakersfield.

Drag Racing at Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield, California

The Famoso Raceway was originally built as an airstrip during World War II and after the war was converted into a drag strip by the Bakersfield Smokers drag racing club. In 1959 Famoso hosted the first March Meet, a meeting that is still running to this day, making it one of the longest running drag strips in the world.

Drag Racing at Famoso Raceway near Bakersfield, California

After the finals were rounded up at Famoso, we headed back in to Bakersfield, stopping in at Camelot Park, near the hotel we're staying at and taking a few swings in the batting cages there. We also spent a little time in their amusement arcade before heading back to the hotel and then out to local fast food joint Wing Stop for dinner.

Camelot Park Amusement Centre in Bakersfield, California

Tomorrow we're going back to Los Angeles before heading north to San Jose, where we'll be based for the rest of our time in the United States.

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