Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Grand Canyon

After leaving Las Vegas, we spent the night at the Grand Canyon, in a cosy little cabin in the North Rim Lodge complex. The Lodge itself is right on the edge of the canyon and is surrounded by a couple of hundred little cabins that can be rented out for the night. It's billed as a much quieter place to visit the Grand Canyon than the South Rim, which has the highest numbers of visitors of any Canyon viewing areas and the West Rim, which is the closest to Las Vegas and is also the most recently developed.

The North Rim Lodge is also approximately a quarter mile walk from Bright Angel Point, which overlooks one of the major fault lines that makes up the Grand Canyon, the Bright Angel Fault. I got up nice and early to walk down there just after sunrise to check out the view, and then went back again a couple of hours later once the others had woken up.

This was also the point at which David and Nicole had to head for home, as they had to get back to work, so we took the opportunity to have lunch at the Grand Canyon Lodge, overlooking the canyon, before we said goodbye and headed on north to our next overnight stop at Beaver, on the way to the Bonneville salt.

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