Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Guys West Coast Nationals - Friday

Today was the first day of the GoodGuys West Cost Nationals in Pleasanton, and we were there to check out the cars and the traders displays during the day. We have every intention of being back there nice and early tomorrow to see all the new stuff that turns up in the morning too, as all cars are bumped out overnight and allowed back in tomorrow morning (along with a bunch of new cars that weren't there today).

We spent a fair bit of time checking out the various traders stands today, both inside pavilions and out in the open. In particular, I was happy that the Speed by Spectre guys and girls had a display set up, as I'm a big fan of their Infidel Streamliner, and while I'd gotten a fair few photos of the car at Bonneville, I hadn't actually found their pit area (it seemed to me that they spent more time in impound than at the pit anyway), so I hadn't been able to buy the Spectre merchandise I'd been craving until today.

We also found a heap of cool cars out in the general display areas that may or may not be in the same place tomorrow, as the show cars get bumped out in the evening and return in the morning, many of them changing locations overnight.

We also took some time to check out the swapmeet section of the show, with traders selling everything from cable ties and workshop tools to number plates, hub caps and entire steel hot rod bodies.

On the way home, we detoured to Livermore to have dinner at John's Char Burger, this is where we'd caught up with a couple of local car clubs last year, and we were hoping to do so again this year, however most of them were busy at the show and we didn't see many cars cruising the Livermore strip or at John's this year. We'll be back tomorrow, and will take a bunch more photos then as well. .

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